“ I don’t try to be anybody else but myself. I can only be ME “
Gold Coast & Sydney based rapper, drummer and producer; MiGHTY JOE began his musical journey as a young drummer exploring all styles of music from hip hop, R&B, Blues, Grunge to Metal. Writing books of rhymes from his own experiences and out look on life, which led him to find a passion for composing and writing his own unique songs, later followed this. Being self sufficient, he started producing his own music to fully reflect his individual style. Knowing that if he wanted something done right he had to do it himself, MiGHTY JOE started making his own beats and fell in love with the art of production, which gave him complete creative control and freedom to express his music.

Nowadays, you will see MJ performing his shows with his band on drums and rapping/ vocals at the same time or with a DJ, You can see how the talent and his history has led him to where he is right now. An original musician and a pioneer being the first artist to rap and drum at the same time.

With experience and success in freestyle battles in the early days, MiGHTY JOE has since continuously focused on creating original music and not limiting himself or get boxed into a category or sound, MJ is always evolving.. Having been influenced by hip hop at a young age doesn’t stop him from exploring other music styles to bring to his tracks. You will notice every song is different, from hard knocking hip hop to smooth and sexy R&B and everything else he creates. He is a true innovator.

Since 2006 MiGHTY JOE has been performing shows staring with just a DJ, now he has a full band of Young And Mighty musicians. MJ is continually lifting the benchmark as an international artist. With fantastic reviews and write ups from his shows, the high standard is reflected on the performances which has left crowds wanting more.

Currently hosting his own radio show called "The Flo Show" on 105.7 Radio Metro, Gold Coasts hottest station. Having co-hosted a radio show on Bondi FM in 2007 called “Soul Skool” which was a success, to hosting MC freestyle and other events, his credibility and reputation also extends to the public arena.

The director and founder of Young And Mighty Music, a label, armed with an incredible team of very talented up and coming musicians and collaborations with other artists. With his first release on the "Change" EP in December 2012, MiGHTY JOE sold copies from the day of release, radio airtime on Sydney's 94.5FM fBi Radio with "Hoody" and "Do The Dam Thing" as well as BONDI FM with "The World Turns". MJ and The "Change" EP  was also featured in a couple of TV programs and articles in newspapers. Mixtapes and studio albums, theres no stopping MJ.
MiGHTY JOE - A voice of the people, A voice of the streets, A voice making beats... Constant elevation and conscious to make a difference through the art of music.